Consulting Services


Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

Project example: An industrial hygiene exposure assessment of respirable crystalline silica and welding fumes at a California manufacturing facility combined personal air monitoring with direct reading instrumentation to identify high dust and fume generation tasks, evaluate respiratory protection, and recommend improvements to the local exhaust ventilation system.

Wildfire and Structure Fire Impact Assessments

Project example: Wildfire smoke residue impact assessments for insurance claims at residential, commercial, and hotel properties after the Chimney Tops 2 Fire in the Great Smoky Mountains. Conducted site inspections, surface sampling, impact assessments, and expert witness testimony.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Case example: This IEQ investigation for a Workers’ Compensation case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis at a fire station involved site inspections, employee interviews, direct readings of ultrafine particulates, and mold sampling to identify potential sources of exposure in the HVAC system consistent with the medical diagnosis.

Process Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment

Project example: This design-phase Process Hazard Analysis of a methanol transloading station at a chemical manufacturer rail car transloading station involved performing a PHA, a fire hazard analysis, fire code review, and developing performance guidelines for a fire suppression system to obtain approval by the local Fire Marshall.

Forensic Expert Services

Case example: A retrospective exposure assessment of a commercial printing worker’s exposure to benzene and potential for increased risk of developing acute myelogenous leukemia involved performing a qualitative and quantitative assessment, and providing litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Project Example: As a California ARB-accredited Lead Verifier of greenhouse gas emissions reports for multiple cogeneration units, stationary combustion sources, geothermal power, and electricity transactions performed strategic analysis, sampling plan, site visits, data evaluation, and report preparation for Verification Body approval.